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Hello! My name Viktoria, I Russian girl, living in Moscow with mom and I 19 years old. I finishing high school last year and currently I studying English for going to America. That true! I want becoming doctor, graduating from American university.

I know... I know... this big dream, but I doing everything to making dream come true. Like having this website, you see? Normally I not type of girl that showing pussy to people, and I no porn star, no! I regular girl, with decent family, friends, even one puppy.
Right now I not having boyfriend and showing nude body on website only fun sexy thing I doing. Anyway, I not liking Russian men, no way! They jealous, drink too much vodka and not loving. This not what I wanting... instead I wanting American man, like men in movies, that kissing me softly and making love soft one time and then very wild and fast next time. That I liking very much!
01 - First Pussy Showing! | Pictures: 235 | Length: 13 Min
Hello there and welcome to first set on website! I Viktoria and I 19 years old. But you probably know it because reading information on tour. So I just want say welcome to members area and I guarantee you and I having many fun together! How about we get started right now, where I showing bold pussy in back of building? ;)

So far I film three videos and every one, pussy get wet just when showing it! This obvious I need boyfriend! Or perhaps because this first time ...(join to read the rest)

03 - Big Toys For Little Girls | Pictures: 78 | Length: 17 Min
I like being naked in front of camera, enjoying that more and more every day. I show nude body and know you looking at pussy and tits and I get wet because I know you masturbate with me. I think how you stick cock in twat, how you move hard inside wet (very wet) vagina and how you lick nipples and bite and suck tits. Pussy gets more wet thinking about you and hard cock from you inside me. So I spread cunt wide and you can look inside and see all pink and wet just for ...(join to read the rest)

05 - Dirty Girl Getting Clean | Pictures: 235 | Length: 29 Min
This morning, I finished shaving pussy completely for you to lick, and I realized you will want it be very clean for you. So I jumped in my bathtub and I put soap in water, then I let water run over naked body and mainly shaved pussy. It feels cold at first, tickling clitoris, but then it warmer and it feels very good. Soap bubbles caressed pussy and asshole and clitoris too.

In this set are no closeup pictures and you can not see clitoris getting swollen and how ...(join to read the rest)

07 - Public Pussy Flashing | Pictures: 147 | Length: 1 Min
Do you think upskirt pussy flashing sexy? I think it very hot! I buy this new short skirt and I think right away "I need photos with skirt and not panties!" So this morning, I wake up early, put skirt on and come to park. This park right in front from my house building and people in park know me. What they not know, I have no panties and I showing coochy while pretending just smoking cigarette. I so bad lately!

But I not always bad girl. Actually, I always love sex ...(join to read the rest)

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